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  1. where is the final option in this new page….through which I can download a movie through this side….I am facing this problem from yesterday… before that there was no such problems….because I am not new here I have downloaded many movies from here…but as I said…from yesterday I cann’t find any final download option like before…is there any technical problem in this side??

  2. Not downloading this movie what happened not understand us. what is the problem please solve. Why because this movie like to me. please immediately do it.

  3. Any movie not downloading. Previously downloading the movies but present not to be. what happened please solve the issue….

  4. 1,American sniper (2014)2, hacksaw ridge (2017).3,atomic blonde (2017).4,hereditary (2018).5,sicario-2 the dead of (2018).6,glass(2019).7,killing hunter (2018).8,angel has fallen (2019).please upload hindi org audio these are movies.

  5. After clicking download it’s taking to download page but movies are not being downloaded from the following site like earlier.
    027pptmovies counter
    Please fix this ASAP.
    thanks and regards

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